Fecit Benedict & Burnham MFG'Co, Waterbury Conn. USA
It is a pocket-watch with Tourbillon. Produced around the year 1870. The design is exceptionally innovative. The first Tourbillon watch whose cage revolves in the center of the watch. One of the first watches, which is predominantily machine-produced and designed for machine-work. All 56 individual parts, including its case, belong to the watch. At that time the design attracted watchmakers.
Many recognized, that the industralisation wasn't to stop.

The driving of this watch runs through the barrel-arbor. That was just as novel at the time and is probably unique until today.
The barrel-core, the connection to the cage has to be renewed. This new detail is designed and made by Steffen Pahlow. The original core is screwed in a left turn. This thread isn't
necessary, when the core is high enough filling the inner hight of the barrel house.
A disassembling of the watch is more easy.